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Product Information:

 As an Egyptian specialty, Montana has become most recognized for making its popular Molokhia. Being harvested and delivered to the factory in less than half an hour, fresh leaves are refinery pulled and cut by the most advanced machinery guaranteeing a defect - free product devoid of any additives or chemicals.


400 gm.

Storage: Deep – Freeze compartment or freezer at – 18 degree C.
Montana's vegetables are harvested, cleaned, cut and frozen within 3-5 hours.

Nutrients are reserved to the maximum, no loss in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Quickly frozen to preserve the fresh taste, colour, and nutrition.

Free from any preservatives or chemical substances.

Same characteristics of harvested at the peak of nutrition Ingredient maturity.

Freezing fresh allows using at the optimum standards for colour, taste, and texture. 

Special Labeling are available.