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About Us

Finding Inspiration over generations

Maamoun Group was originally established by seven founders as Maamoun Brothers in the seventies. With progress over two decades and deployment of the second generation it was transformed to Maamoun Group. Currently, group consists of five companies, each functioning as a stand alone corporation. Yet the activities of each company integrate with the others to form a structure more like a conglomerate company

Image by Ahmed Ezzat

Our Story

Being deeply rooted in farming and manufacturing, Maamoun Group planted the very first seeds of success half a decade ago. In the course of time, the group thrived the dream of being the market leader in cultivation and the food processing industry in the middle east. Our ultimate goal is simply to foster our local dominance as well as to best achieve the definition of the fully integrated food industry. By contrast, quest for innovation and diversification, we are en route to position ourselves at the cutting edge of the industry as our rapid expansion plans are designed to meet the growing demands of a globalized market. Each operating company in the group develops its international business as an integral element in an overall strategy, depending on the competitive dynamics of the industry in which it operates. For some businesses a focus on the domestic Egyptian market remains the priority. For others it is developing a robust presence in neighboring markets. Exports from Egypt remain the cornerstone of the Maamoun Group's international business. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Meet the Founders

Mamdouh Maamoun

Group Founder

Head of Maamoun Group Office

Ismail Maamoun

Mohamed Maamoun

United Company for Agriculture and Animal Development

Maher Maamoun

Legal Affairs

Adel Maamoun


Moktar Maamoun


Our Clients

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